OUTDOOR MEAL PACK Set of 7 wraps


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Your best ally in the kitchen. This Pack Include Set of 7 wraps with the following sizes: 

2 Small (17cm x17 cm): Ideal for wrapping a half onion, half avocado, cover a small bowl. 

2 Middle (25cm x 25cm): Wrapping half sandwich, a small piece of cheese, or cookies for your children's lunch. Cover a small bowl.

2 Big (33cm x 33 m): Wrapping a big piece of cheese, sandwich, half cantaloupe. Cover a big bowl.

Super Big (33cm x 60cm): Wrapping a big piece of watermelon, cantaloupe, or papaya.

The cotton prints may vary depending on stock. 

Handmade for saving our planet!

Made in Canada 

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