How To Use

How can I use my ECOBEEWRAP?

ECOBEEWRAP can be used to wrap individual items or used as a bowl covering to seal in freshness.  ECOBEEWRAP seals easily using the natural warmth of your hands.

Cover what you need, a piece of cheese, avocado, cover a bowl, etc and apply the warmth of your hands to seal the ECOBEEWRAP around.

How can I wash my ECOBEEWRAP?

When your ECOBEEWRAP gets dirty, we recommend washing with cold water, a soft sponge (or even by hand) and a mild detergent. After washing, let air dry or wipe it with a lint-free cloth.

Use Wash Dry Reuse


DO NOT WASH YOUR ECOBEEWRAP IN HOT WATER.  High temperatures can cause the beeswax to lose its natural sealant qualities.

To remove odors, place your ECOBEEWRAP in the freezer for a 2-3 hours. Allow ECOBEEWRAP to be brought up to room temperature before use.


What to wrap and not wrap with my ECOBEEWRAP?

You can wrap fruit, vegetables, cheese, vegetables, sandwiches, bread, snacks, cookies, nuts, or cover a bowl.

For meat, poultry or fish, we recommend placing your items in a bowl and then sealing with the ECOBEEWRAP.


Can I put my ECOBEEWRAP in the freezer?

Yes. ECOBEEWRAP is freezer-friendly and suitable for low temperatures. When removing from freezer, let sit for several minutes until it is brought up to room temperature before opening/unsealing.

How long does my  ECOBEEWRAP Last?

ECOBEEWRAP lasts up to 1 year based on proper storage and cleaning practices.

Does my ECOBEEWRAP get stained by wrapping some products?

It is possible for your ECOBEEWRAP to stain is used with high-pigment products (ie. Beets, Tomatoes, etc…).  We recommend washing your ECOBEEWRAP directly after use to avoid lasting stains.

What is ECOBEEWRAP made of?

ECOBEEWRAP consists of organic cotton fabric (with GOTS certificate), natural beeswax, pine tree resin, and jojoba oil. The beeswax provides antibacterial and antifungal properties, the resin allows for adherence to any surface while transferring antibacterial properties, and Jojoba oil makes it softer and more durable.

How is the manufacturing process?

All ECOBEEWRAP is homemade with no mass production.  We hand-cut the fabrics and apply the beeswax mixture in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Beeswax has a characteristic scent which disappears as the wrap is used and washed.

Not all my ECOBEEWRAPS are the same

ECOBEEWRAP is handmade which can lead to irregularities between batches.  Differences between the adherence properties and/or beeswax coating are to be expected and do not affect the sealing qualities.



Do not wash in hot water

Do not use in microwave

Do not wash in dishwasher

Do not wrap raw meat, chicken or fish